Floor Hockey Fun

Going to floor hockey games in this semester has been different for me. First off because i’m going to them with other people critiquing. The other reason would be I’m now talking to the players, officials and Captains both before and after their games.

Talking with players both new to and very familiar with the game has also given me new insight into how college players think and play. Obviously a goalie has the mentality of positivity first, forget the goal just scored second. For Centers and defensive men, it’s a mix of both experience (or lack thereof at times) and how fun it is just to get the opportunity to play a sport that really isn’t put out to the public on campus.

While floor hockey should be promoted a little more on campus life, it fits the the profile of those who attend: Interested enough and in need of either relief or refreshment. It’s common for the big sports on campus to get a lot of attention because they’re competitive both regionally and nationally across the country. Some people aren’t into that, and it’s ok. Some people like a strategic game that not too many people will show up at that also features fun and a sigh of relief. It’s a sport that while it has a small following, could have a lot of interest depending on who finds out and spreads the word.


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