The Failure of the New York Giants

I recently did a sports commentary that I will basically write on here. The New York Giants have fallen from grace not with what they’ve said about the National Anthem or Josh Brown, but to how the Owners have ran their team, and please, hear me out.

When the Giants won their second Super Bowl in 2011, they, as well as their fan base, probably thought they were on top of the world and no one could stop them. They were the New England Patriots’ kryptonite, and no one could take that away from them.

Unfortunately, that wouldn’t last much longer. The Giants have crumbled since that moment and have become a laughingstock in the League. To having a valuable and respectful man and head coach in Tom Coughlin to having someone who’s last name rhymes with Whackado and can’t control a locker room, even some of his core players, the Giants have become probably the second worst team in the NFL. Nothing showed how bad this team was like giving up a screen pass to Robert Woods on 3rd and 30-something and Woods getting a touchdown because no one could tackle. Throw in the loss to the winless Niners and C.J. Beathard and this team needs the reset button before the first half of November ends.

The Owners John Mara and Steve Tisch need to fire everyone, and maybe each other for what’s happened. Reese did well drafting last decade, but he’s the reason mostly for this decay. McAdoo will probably be fired at the end of the season (possibly), and Eli Manning’s future may be up for grabs. The only saving grace is that it’s this season and not next season or the one after.

I have no bias towards the owners. I am surprised the reset button wasn’t hit in a year like 2014 when this could have been avoided. Maybe the Giants will use this decade as a building block in the future. It’d be wise for the franchise to mark this as a time when even one of the calmest and mostly stable franchises can be tumultuous and go through a seismic shift in head staff. Change is needed most when things become too routine, and the Giants were asleep for a little bit too long.


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