2021 AFC Championship Game

Three games. Four teams, with two in each conference. The remaining two in the AFC are the AFC East division winning Buffalo Bills and the AFC West division winning and conference leading Kansas City Chiefs. Both teams have potent offenses, young and talented quarterbacks, solid defenses, and brilliant coaches. Time to determine who will advance to the Super Bowl.

#2 Buffalo Bills v. #1 Kansas City Chiefs

Two different stories on their successes this season, both teams have a good chance to not just go to the Super Bowl, but win it. This game comes down to which defense makes the most stops in the second half.

Buffalo’s offense has frustrated defenses because offensive coordinator Brian Daboll has used every receiver to quarterback Josh Allen’s advantage. If star receiver Stefon Diggs draws double or triple coverage, John Brown, Cole Beasley and Gabriel Davis will be primary targets. Davis’ emergence as a receiver who makes difficult catches near sidelines makes him a threat to Kansas City’s cornerbacks playing closer inside. At the line of scrimmage Buffalo’s offensive line nullifies even the best pass rush (just ask the Pittsburgh Steelers). Tackles Dion Dawkins and Daryl Williams should give Josh Allen enough time to throw passes around a four second average.

Gabriel Davis (white) makes a great catch early in the season against the Los Angeles Rams. No one’s been working the sideline receptions in the playoffs more than Davis.

While a lot of people have focused on Patrick Mahomes passing concussion protocol, there hasn’t been as much focus on his toe injury earlier in the game against Cleveland. That could be an issue if Mahomes tries to scramble for a bigger play or run for yardage. The Chiefs have a great receiver duo who can make up some of those mistakes/negatives, but the offensive line hasn’t been solid, and it showed against a Browns defense that has a good pass rush and not much else. While Kansas City’s running game is the opposite of Baltimore’s because it features more runningbacks and not much read-option, Buffalo can stop the run well early in games.

Prediction: Buffalo Bills win the AFC Championship 44-34

Divisional Round Record: 1-3, 168-92 overall this season


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