Jdsportscorner.wordpress.com is Bringing Back Polls!

As the Olympics concluded August 8th, there were performances we’ll see as memorable and historic. Well, now you can vote for which ones you liked most! The 2021 Tokyo Olympics poll is up! Who would you say were your most memorable or favorite gold-medal performances?

Anyone who’s read from here or followed Pro Talk’s facebook page before the decade knows polls like this help this page and are a part of my work since I’ve started this from the ground up. A lot of you have been wanting me to do a poll for a long time, and now the chance is here.

Please read the instructions for this fun event. If you have questions, feel free to ask in the comments below. The three populous votes will be featured in a September article on site, and Pro Talk’s Wesley Woods and yours truly will write out our three best separately.


– Vote for three and three only (more than three nullifies your full vote)

– Don’t vote on more than one account (votes on two accounts of one person will be nullified)

– Only those who won at least one gold medal qualify for votes. Do not add someone who took silver/bronze only. That vote won’t count, however, if you think of a different name/team that did win gold and that performance stood out, you’re free to add it to the list of options.

The link for the poll is below



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