2023 AFC Divisional Round Playoff Picks

Wildcard weekend had everything audiences wanted. There was a double digit comeback victory, a back-and-forth division rivalry game and a near win on the road for a backup quarterback. Jacksonville gave audiences the best and closest game capped with a dramatic finish. The remaining four (the Kansas City Chiefs had a week off) teams have a great shot at getting to both the conference championship and the Super Bowl. Even with a battered Bengals team in the picture, no team is an easy out. It’s time to analyze which two teams have the best chance at making the next round.

#4 Jacksonville Jaguars v. #1 Kansas City Chiefs

Trevor Lawrence (16, white) has to start better in Kansas City than last Saturday. The Jaguars have to play a near perfect game in order to advance to the conference finals.

Jacksonville had a historic comeback and regardless of how the season ends, head coach Doug Pederson has a special unit where franchise quarterback Trevor Lawrence and defensive star Josh Allen are rising stars.

The Jaguars’ second round matchup is in one of the league’s loudest stadiums against the conference’s best team. Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes II is the front runner for league MVP for many reasons and Jacksonville can’t have a slow start like they did in last week’s home game. We’ll find out fast how competitive this game will be.

Prediction: Chiefs win 42-24

#3 Cincinnati Bengals v. #2 Buffalo Bills

Bengals v. Bills part two will result in a complete game and one team eliminated. The winner has a great chance of making it to the Super Bowl.

This might be the best game of the second round. Both offenses are deep at receiver and the runningbacks have played better since the start of December. Quarterbacks Joe Burrow and Josh Allen are mobile and stretch the field at ease. The deciding factor could be Buffalo’s wide receivers versus Cincinnati’s secondary. Eli Apple stands no chance covering Stefon Diggs and Cam Taylor-Britt will struggle against Gabe Davis. If Josh Allen is more accurate this week, Buffalo will punch their ticket to the conference finals.

Prediction: Bills win 35-27

AFC Wild-card Weekend Playoff Picks Record: 3-0


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